Board Members

Cindy Reid, President                              Shannon Holmen

Dan Killoy, Vice President                     Nancey Patch

Janet Bastian, Secretary/Treasurer     Lorretta Rebsom

Mary Margaret Friend                             Kelly Reid

Roxanne Harding                                       Robin Tooke


The advantage of Wake Up and Lace Up is that it is supported by the people in the region for the people in the region.  Wake Up and Lace Up strives to directly impact those who are in need and help our neighbors with their unexpected expenses.


Wake Up and Lace Up formed in 2011 and has provided financial support to many area residents since that time.
Even with health insurance, the expenses of travel – which we all bear due to the distances we face to seek proper medical care –  the medications and the loss of work create a significant hardship which is detrimental to the healing process of the patient and their families.

Wake Up and Lace Up is meant to act as a safety net for just those expenses. With fundraisers, donations, memorials and your support, this is possible.  Join us, please, in our opportunity make someone’s life a little easier during a tragic and difficult time.