Thank you so much for all you do -  your strength, courage, and compassio are a true witness to all! 

Wow! We are so blessed and grateful for your incredibly generous gift you sent us while were were in Billings  in the NICU with our son. Your kindness really warmed our hearts and we are so thankful for the Wake Up and Lace Up organization.  

Thank you for your monetary gift. You provided me for traveling to my radiatio treatments. 

To each and everyone that has donated your time, effort and money to Wake Up and Lace Up, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I hope to conquer this dreaded ailment and be able to repay this group so you can aid someone else.  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Words cannot describe how much I appreciate your generous donation! It has been a tremendous help.

As you know, when people are put into a stressful medical situation, money (of lack of) just adds to that stress. What Wake and Lace Up is doing is a godsend to the many you have helped. 

I'm very thakful and appreciate that you considered me for this help. Travel is very expensive and this will make a difference.